Dryve – Rent a Car

  • Xamarin, Mobile App development

dryve – Rent a Car

d ryve is the first car rental app that provides you with the fastest, cheapest, and safest digital car rental service in Egypt. It is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can rent the most convenient cars with the most affordable prices for car sharing in Egypt compared to other car rental companies.

dryve makes it so that you can rent your car from locals. dryve is a community that allows drivers to pick the perfect vehicle that suits their budget, purpose, or occasion and allows the car owners to earn extra money to offset the cost of car ownership.

Whenever you want wherever you want across Egypt dryve’s 24/7 service is just around the corner, open the dryve app and pick the nearest car that suits your renting budget in seconds!

If you are a car owner, dryve allows you to list your car in minutes and start pocketing income instantly!


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